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Let us continue to love each other since love comes from God

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Church Charges

Charges only apply to those who are not members of the church.

Members of Bethlehem Chapel, their spouses and their dependent children receive all services free of charge.




£250 for use of the church building

£100 for the organist/pianist



Funerals and Burials


Please note, curb stones are not permitted on graves, only headstones and we request that the family turf (or sow grass seed) on the burial plot in due time after the funeral for ease of long-term maintenance. 

Interment of ashes can take place in an existing grave or we have a dedicated graveled  area just for ashes where a plaque would be laid by the family to mark the plot.

Inscriptions on the headstones or plaques must not contravene the teachings and beliefs of Bethlehem Baptist Church.  Please contact the Pastor to check your desired wording prior to arranging with the stone mason.

Church officers will make the decision on the location of the burial plot. Please see our Cemetery Management Policy for full conditions of use of the church graveyard.


£600 for a burial plot

£300 to reopen an existing burial plot

£175 for the interment of an ashes plot

£125 for use of the church building

£60 for the organist/pianist

£60 for a video recording of the service



Please note; all charges are reviewed regularly and may increase as the church determines.                                                         


Correct at 18th July 2023