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9th September 2018

Genesis 39:1-20


The Lord Is With Us


1. Perpetual Acclamation, Genesis 39:2-6
In slavery Joseph became successful
Troublemaker at home – promoted in Egypt
The secret of his success is stated in verse 2

“Every good and perfect gift is from above,” James 1:17

Potiphar recognised God’s blessing on him
The Lord’s presence will shine out of us too


2. Perpetual Preparation, Genesis 39:1-20
Joseph on way to fulfilling God’s dream for him
But right now there’s not much sign of it coming to pass!
But this experience was intended to prepare him

The training for God’s plan for us is often slow 
Don’t give up if you don’t learn it the first time

If you are impatient to get to God’s dream for you, beware you’re not cheating yourself of important lessons!


3. Perpetual Temptation, Genesis 39:6-18
As soon as you step up to God’s front line, expect to be shot at by the Devil!”

Egypt then not dissimilar to western society now
Bible says sex is intended only for husband and wife in a heterosexual marriage relationship

Tips on how to handle any temptation:
            1. Recognise impact on others
            2. Recognise impact on God
            3. Recognise when you need to run

            4. Remember temptation is repeated