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10th March 2019

Luke 7: 11-17

Expect The Unexpected

His Heart Goes Out To Us All

1. Intervention, Luke 7:11-12
People buried on day they die
Funeral procession heading out to family grave
Tragic circumstances revealed in v.12

So caught up in emotion widow lost sight of Jesus and didn’t expect anything from Him
But even Jesus’ followers didn’t expect anything

Jesus moves into the middle of the sad situation
Christ is always in the midst of pain


2. Compassion, Luke 7:13
God’s heart breaks when He sees our heart breaking – Christ carries our pain in His heart

We’re called to be people of compassion too
May God lead us to those in need

Where’s faith for miracle to happen?
Stark contrast from previous miracle – v.9
Jesus chose to bless because of compassion
“Compassion does not measure: it ministers”
                                                                        - Wiersbe


3. Resurrection, Luke 7:14
As giver of life, Jesus chose to overcome death
By touching coffin Jesus would have shocked those watching – made Him ‘unclean’

Jesus restored man with simple command
And so it will be for us all - John 5:24
Heaven is waiting for us
New Heaven and New Earth on their way!
Where there’s no tears or pain – Rev 21:1-4

To guarantee place with Jesus for eternity – accept Him now! Romans 10:9


4. Reconciliation, Luke 7:15
Jesus returned the son to his mother
A touching scene to observe

One day Jesus would know same reconciliation
After being separated from His Father because of son of the world, Jesus would be reconciled

That’s what guarantees us truth of eternal life
Christ’s death and resurrection

A man once asked Jesus, ‘How much do You love me?’ ‘This much,’ Jesus answered and He stretched out His arms and died.


5. Confirmed, Luke 5:14
Jesus tells man to go to priest & make sacrifices
Without this, man couldn’t return to family
Jesus wanted him fully restored

Leviticus 14 – cleansing ritual
Two birds: one sacrificed, one released

A picture of Christ’s saving work on the cross
Jesus sacrificed, we are released

And now Jesus, our Great High Priest is the one who declares us to be clean!