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1st December 2019

1John 3:4-10

Christ's First Advent

Why Jesus Came

1. He Appeared To Destroy The Power Of Sin, 
                                                                        1John 3:4-6, 9
‘Appeared’: make visible that which was hidden
John 1:14

Why did Jesus take on human flesh?
God’s holiness requires sin to be judged
Only a sinless redeemer could achieve our forgiveness, v.5
In human form Jesus could identify with us
Christ was fully human and fully divine

v.5 Jesus ‘caused our sins to cease’ 
v.9 Jesus gives us the power against sin


2. He Appeared To Destroy The Power Of Satan, 
                                                                        1John 3:8
Christ’s coming was declaration of war on Satan
‘Destroy’: shatter something into pieces

Christ fulfilled curse of Genesis 3:14
He was victorious over Satan through death and resurrection
Now Christ’s victory is our victory

But! Beware of the lion! 2Peter 5:8
Ephesians 6:10-18