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5th May 2019

Luke 24: 13-35

Expect The Unexpected

Ordinary or Extraordinary?

1.  Experience Christ, Luke 24:15
The difference between two walks wasn’t Christ’s presence
Jesus is always with us – Matt 28:20

God is a walker: Gen 3:8-9, Gen 6:9, Gen 5:22-23,
Genesis 18, Lev 26:12, 2Cor 6:16, Josh 1:9

But we don’t always experience Christ’s presence
Cleopas & Mary had no cue the One walking with them was the One they grieved for
The extraordinary life recognises Christ is here


2. Engage with Current, Luke 24:15-24
What stopped them recognising Jesus, v.16?

Jesus asked them what they are discussing, v.19
He already knows!  Psalm 139:1-4
Jesus wants us to tell Him everything
He doesn’t need us to tell Him, WE need us to tell

v.19-24 reveal the pair are fixated on the past
So busy focusing on Christ’s death they couldn’t recognise Jesus was alive & with them now
The future can be the same hindrance as the past
Need to commit past & future to God


3. Encounter With Christ, Luke 24:22-31
The couple miss the obvious point of Christ’s resurrection
They needed to see their Risen Lord
We all need to encounter Him

v.30-31 they recognised Jesus in the everyday
An ordinary meal – they weren’t at Last Supper
They see Jesus in the routine

v.30 reminds us of communion
Is communion always an extraordinary experience for us?