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2nd December 2018

Luke 1: 5-20

Expect The Unexpected

Breaking The Silence


1. ROLE: Priesthood Of All Believers, v.5
Luke details Zechariah’s and Elizabeth’s ancestry


Jacob →  Lev → Gershon

                              & Merarii

                              & Kohath → Amran → Aaron & Moses

                                                 & Izhar

                                                 & Hebron

                                                 & Uzziel


1Chronicles 24 details subdivisions of priests

Priests would carry out sacrifices

Jesus is final sacrifice

1Peter 2:5, 9


2. REPUTATION: Godliness In Godlessness, v.5-7
Elizabeth and Zechariah described same as Noah, Abraham, Job, etc
Known for keeping law
Childlessness was not a reflection of their lives

Living in difficult times – 
            King Herod was a tyrant 
            Spiritual leaders corrupt 
            God has been silent

We too must keep reflecting the Light of Jesus in a world full of darkness


3. RITUAL: Keep On Keeping On, v.8-11
Priestly duties over two non-consecutive weeks of the year and special occasions
Lots drawn to choose priest for each day’s task
Lot fell to Zechariah

While Zechariah is carrying on with ritual and routine, God’s messenger appears!
Out of the ordinary, God does the extraordinary

Don’t devalue the ordinary in our lives but see it as opportunity for God to do something great!


4. REALISATION: Expect The Unexpected, v.12-20
Zechariah doesn’t believe the angel
Symptomatic of society at the time
But Zechariah knew bible stories of old
- Abraham & Sarah; Jacob & Rachel; Hannah; etc
If God had moved powerfully in their lives with miracle babies – why not in his life?

John the Baptist would stir up the people’s expectation of God
Make people ready for the Messiah, for salvation, for Jesus!