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2nd February 2020


Luke 8:42b-48



1. One In The Crowd, Luke 8:42b, 45-46
Woman’s condition prescribed against in Leviticus 15:19-30
Couldn’t socialise; couldn’t work; needed a cure!

Jesus was choked by crowd around Him
Jesus notices one person touched Him

Christ knows us personally:
Matthew 10:29-31; Psalm 139:1-4; Psalm 17:8
Jeremiah 31:3-4, 30:22
We are never ‘faceless’ to Christ


2. One Who Is Whole, Luke 8:48
Woman desperate to be healed
Spent all her money – Mark 5:26
She saw herself as broken, sick, incomplete

Jesus saw her as healed and complete, v.48
Our God heals! Even today!

Heals physically and spiritually
Verse 48 – ‘Your faith has saved you’
Souls without Christ are sick
In Jesus we are made whole


3. One Without Shame, Luke 8:45-47
Woman was ashamed because she was unclean
She broke Law of Moses by entering crowd
Shame heaping itself on shame
She expects worst as Jesus calls her out

Jesus calls her because He wants her to see she doesn’t have to be shamed

Many Christians carry guilt and shame with them
Fail to forgive themselves
Jesus paid price to take away sin and our shame
Romans 8:1


4. One Who Belongs, Luke 8:47-48
Verse 48 – key word: ‘daughter’
She lived for 12 years not belonging to anyone
Now this nameless woman is given ultimate title
She belonged!

In Christ we belong: Galatians 3:26; John 1:12
We can never be snatched out of His hand.