Bethlehem Baptist Chapel

Let us continue to love each other since love comes from God

  • Bethlehem
  • Spittal
  • Haverfordwest
  • Pembrokeshire
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DIARY 2024


26th     10.15am        Discussion group

30th     9.30-11am     Wrigglers pre-school group


1st       12.30pm       Bethlehem Brunch community lunch

2nd      3.30-5pm      Seekers After School Club

2nd      6,30pm         Alpha

3rd       10.15am       Discussion group

3rd       7.00pm         Connect: dinner and discussion for young 


7th       9.30-11am    Wrigglers pre-school group

8th       10.30-12pm  Bereavement and Loss coffee morning

9th       3.30-5pm      Seekers After School Club

9th       6.30pm         Alpha

10th     10.15am       Discussion group

12th                          CHAPEL ANNIVERSARY 

14th     9.30-11am    Wrigglers pre-school group

14th     7.00pm         Deacons meeting

15th     2-3.30pm      Reminisce Café

16th     3.30-5pm      Seekers After School Club

17th     10.15am       Discussion group

17th     7.00pm         Connect: dinner and discussion for young 


21st     9.30-11am    Wrigglers pre-school group

21st     7.00pm         Ladies Inspire craft group

23rd     3.30-5pm     Seekers After School Club

23rd     6.30pm        Alpha

24th     10.15am      Discussion group

25th     1-4.00pm     Working Party at chapel

30th     6.30pm        Alpha

Regular Meetings

Prayer meeting, bible study and fellowship – every Wednesday starting at 7.30pm in schoolroom.

Every Sunday meet for Bethlehem’s Boiler Room Prayer Meeting from 9.30am until 10.15am – everyone welcome to come for any length of time between 5 mins to 45 mins! 

Every Sunday morning at 10.45am our lively and relevant service takes place where people of all ages are welcome. Youth Church also meets at this time.