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Let us continue to love each other since love comes from God

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Fun Social Events

At Bethlehem we are big believers in getting together socially from time to time.  Our warm family fun atmosphere carries well into relaxed activities such as car treasure hunts, quiz nights, barbecues, talent shows, welsh evenings, and much, much more.  Annually we have our fireworks night in November and usually in the summer we have picnics, sports, games and water activities in our field next to the chapel.  We’re very good at eating in Bethlehem, so usually food is involved – and very tasty food at that!  

We love to see people from the community at any of our social events, so you’d be more than welcome.  Because our events are constant changing why not get in touch with us and find out what the next social event will be?  It might be just your sort of thing!


BBQ after the Car Treasure Hunt

Enjoying the barbeque after the Car Treasure Hunt